Twin Bros. is an action/puzzle game with fresh and frenzy mechanics. The player controls simultaneously Blue and Red, the two twin brothers of this  pixel/retro style adventure, trying to find there way out of the mazes. Each movement in the cardinal directions is replicated in both sides of the levels.

So Many Doors is a retro puzzle platformer inspired by the Game Boy look & feel.

Try to find your way through the levels, moving from door to door. Some doors are portals, some are good, some are bad. Choose wisely and most important, don’t die! If you can!

Double Tap Ninja is a fast paced endless runner. It can be played as a single player or running against a second opponent.

Running as a standalone ninja your goal is to get the highest score possible, avoiding the never ending speeding obstacles, across a live environment that mutates along the way. At the end it´s the "ninja meter" that will measure how good your ninja skills are.​

When running against a second player it becomes a "one to one" competition to find out who is the best ninja of the two. The last ninja standing is the winner.

Mr Brexit is a fun parody game about the real Brexit, which is the process by which the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union. It´s a casual runner / platformer game where the player needs to jump from platform to platform and avoid all the obstacles that get in the way, like all the other EU countries and the EU itself. Those are very angry about the UK decision and will try to stop Mr. Brexit.

Surround It. The world is full of dangerouns virus threatning human survival. It´s up to you to stop the plagues. And the best place to start is inside your own blood stream.

Fishy Bird Flapi (also known as Flapi - The Bird Fish), is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. Flapi is golden fish whose pound suddenly dry out of water, so he needed urgently to find a new home to live...

Jelly Maniacs is a fun and entertaining match 3 alike game, featuring incredible boosters and amazing landscape background images, together with a smooth and relaxing music tune. There are over 100 diferent levels to play, with more coming with regular updates...

Angry Alfie (also known as Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga), is a space shooter alike mobile game for IOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Alfie is an explorer and adventurous alien that went on a journey to explore a small planet, recently discovered. Unfortunately, it´s space ship engine was hit and damaged by a small asteroid...

Clones Revenge (also known as Revenge Of The Clones), is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. This entertaining arcade game is a parody to the Flappy bird game hit and all his clones, including Flapi - The Bird Fish. The birds are back and they want revenge from the pipes...

The funniest, most casual and less serious battle of all time has began! Super Jelly Troopers is an comic casual platformer where the player needs to command a legion of brave jelly parachute troopers. They have been assigned to the most dangerous mission ever. Their job is to save the world!...

EasyMessage - Email, SMS and Social in 1!
Say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" to everyone you know, typing just one message! With EasyMessage you can reach all your contacts by Email, SMS, or social networks (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) at the same time, at once. Reuse common messages for future usage. Aggregate contacts in custom groups to speedup messaging...

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