Clones Revenge

Clones Revenge (also known as Revenge Of The Clones), is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. This entertaining arcade game is a parody to the Flappy bird game hit and all his clones, including Flapi - The Bird Fish. The birds are back and they want revenge from the pipes. They came with bombs and they are trying to destroy the city of the pipes. Only you and the amazing flying pipe can save the city. Beat them away and make them scream while they're hit by their own bombs.

Have A Good Time

This is a soft and relaxing game and shouldn´t be taken too serious. The goal is to have some fun and give some good laughs while you blown the stupid bird bombers away. Make them taste a piece of their own medicine and see how far you can go. Envite your friends and share the fun.

Funny Visuals, Easy Gameplay

The gameplay is very easy to learn and master, just move your finger up and down the screen to control the flying pipe. Every action is backed with a funny sound or video effect that will make you smile. Got 5 minutes to kill? Play this game!

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