Fishy Bird Flapi

Fishy Bird Flapi (also known as Flapi - The Bird Fish), is a fun mobile game for iPhone and iPad devices. Flapi is golden fish whose pound suddenly dry out of water, so he needed urgently to find a new home to live. He was able to escape with the help of a jet pack, but you need to fly him safely through all the obstacles that are in his way. Be part of the Flapi journey, see how far you can go, play with friends. Have fun!

No Flappy Bird Here

Altough the original idea came along with the mega hit "Flappy Bird", this game is not a clone. There are many different levels to play and many different obstacles to avoid. There is also a wide variety of boosters to catch, ones can make you game easier, others will just give you an extra headache.

Crazy Boosters

It´s up to the player to either catch or avoid the boosters spread along the levels. Some will make your life easier by increasing the interval between the obstacles or widening the gap between then. Others will make Flapi fly at the speed of light, and others will make him undestructuble. One thing is sure. You´ll have a heck of a time playing this!

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