"Probably the most fun bros game since the two plumber guys"






To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


“Twins Bros. Double characters, double fun!"


Twin Bros. is a puzzle game with fresh and frenzy mechanics. The player controls simultaneously Blue and Red, the two twin brothers of this  pixel/retro style adventure.


How to play?:

- On mobile devices swipe in the 4 cardinal directions (up, down, right and left) or use the arrow keys on Mac/PC.

- You control both twins at once, so keep your eyes sharp on left and right boxes of each level

- Slide till you find the path to the portals that will take you to the next level (you just need to get 1 twin there)

- Do it before you run out of movements (every time Red or Blue moves, your movements decreases by one)

- Avoid any collisions with killing blocks and enemies


The Story Behind:


The idea was to make a retro style game to honour the golden days or the arcade rooms and machines, when the games were fun, hard and engaging. And do this with a new and inventive twist.  So instead of controlling one character or changing some aspect of the environment around (as it has been done thousands of times), we, instead, decided to control two characters at the same time, where each action/movement is replicated or applied to both simultaneously. Humans have two eyes right? So it makes perfectly sense to use one for each twin and level box  :-) .

The first release comes with 40 different levels, filled with dazzling puzzles, dangerous enemies, bonus, and many other surprises, including a final boss fight.  There are at least  10 more levels planned or on the making.

Music Credits:

'Happy Moment' and 'Pixel Parade' by HolFix  -  www.youtube.com/holfix
'Pixelland' by Kevin Macleod - www.incompetech.com - Creative Commons Attribution v3.0
Retro 8 bit chiptunes by Cron Audio - https://soundcloud.com/cron-audio

SJT GamePlay & Storyline
Twin Bros. Intro - teaser