Angry Alfie

Angry Alfie (also known as Alfie - The Angry Alien Saga), is a space shooter alike mobile game for IOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Alfie is an explorer and adventurous alien that went on a journey to explore a small planet, recently discovered. Unfortunately, it´s space ship engine was hit and damaged by a small asteroid, near the planet's orbit, and he got trapped in a very dangerous place...

Unleash The Warrior

Your goal is to survive through all the 6 missions and take Alfie safe and sound to his home planet, where his familiy is desperate to hear from him again. The task is not as easy as it sounds and a lot of dangers are foreseen through the journey. Collect all the energy stars and try to stay alive, that´s my best advice.

Cool Comic Style

Alfie is a unique kind of game, where the environments resemble a mix of a space shooter, a platform game, and a comics story. With a 2 fingers easy to learn gameplay the fun and the action are guaranteed, but be warned that this is not an easy to master quest. May the gaming force be with you!

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