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Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions about Easy Message, plus a usage tutorial.


Q: Which messaging services does Easy Message support?

A: Easy Message supports Email, Text messages (SMS/MMS/iMessage) and Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin). Note that the delivery of the Text messages themselves is executed using your phone Messages app, and the delivery of Email  messages is done via your phone Email account interface, so it is important that those services are properly configured too.

Q: When I send a text message with Easy Message which service is used?

A: It depends on your phone messaging configuration, and it is controlled by IOS.  Check your phone Settings -> Messages.

It can be either iMessage, MMS or SMS (if you have an iPhone device with a SIM card). If you want to send the messages individually instead of creating a group chat (usually the default behaviour), you should disable iMessage and MMS Messaging. If Group Messaging option is available you should disable it too, using plain SMS this way. If that is not a concern you don’t need to change your settings.On any Apple device the choice of the Texting service can only be done on the phone settings.


Q: Can I attach pictures to my messages?

A: Yes, you can. You can attach 1 with the Lite version (upgradable) and up to 5 with the Premium version, as long as you’re using the Email service or the Text service with iMessage or MMS (since SMS is a text system only and does not support multimedia attachments).

Q: Can I use all texting services at the same time?

A: Yes, you can. You can use Email service, Text service (iMessage/SMS/MMS) and post to social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) at the same time. Note that some networks like Facebook do not allow posts with a profiled message. In this case you text message will be copied to the clipboard so you can paste it again when the share dialog appears.

Q: Can I send messages to groups and individuals?

A: Yes, with Easy Message groups or individuals are treated as equivalent recipients. You can create your own groups and add contacts to them. When you want to send a message to a specific group or individual you just need to select the corresponding rows on the “Recipients” screen, and, depending on the app message delivery settings and the contact information available, the app knows how to reach them.

Q: How can I send a message to undisclosed recipients?

A: If you don't want your contacts to see each others replies (them, not you) you can do 2 things. Either you use the Email service to send the message or you have to use SMS (only available on a iPhone device with SIM card installed). In order to force SMS to be used by the phone´s messaging system you need to disable iMessage and MMS Messaging on the phone Settings >> Messages. If you see an option like "Group Messaging" you should disable it too. Remember that when using plain SMS, multimedia attachments (like pictures) are not supported. After you stop using Easy Message you might want to revert you phone settings again. Further detailed information about different types of messages and specifically about group messaging can be found on the official Apple website: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202724

Q: Are there limits on the number of recipients that i can reach at once?

A: Short answer is yes, there are, although most of these limitations are not done by Easy Message itself. The only limitation imposed by Easy Message concerns to the LITE version, where, without the premium upgrade the number of recipients in each message is limited to 10. Apart from this all the other limitations are set by either Apple or your phone carrier itself. In theory iMessage messages are not limited, but the same is not true for MMS/SMS. Regarding email messages there are also limitations on the number of email recipients but also here the numbers only depend on your email account provider. It is also advisable to start with lower numbers and avoid high volume messages that could be considered as SPAM.

Q: Does Easy Message support message templates?

A: Yes, it does. On the “Templates” section you can find some built-in messages, that you can further edit. You can also create your own messages and when you’re about to send a message you can choose the option “Save as template”. If the message is sent successfully, it will became available on the templates section so you can re-use it later, without the need to write it again. In order to use a custom template for your message, just select the corresponding template on the “Templates” section and the “Message” field will be automatically prefilled with the text.

Q: What are the differences between the Lite and the Premium version?

A: Apart from the UI colors, on the Lite version some features are limited, unless you purchase the premium upgrade. For instance; the number of pictures that you can attach to a message, the number of groups that you can create, the number of contacts that you can add to a group, etc.. There are also some useful filtering options that are not available on the free version. A premium upgrade is available on the Lite version as an in-app purchase (same price of the full Premium version). Once you purchase it, the Lite version unlocks all the Premium features. 

Q: I disabled iMessage and MMS and still cannot send my Text messages as SMS, what is wrong?

A: Assuming that your app settings are OK, it can be a couple of things. First make sure that your message recipients have valid phone numbers and not Apple ids. If you're trying to reach Apple ids, it can only be done with iMessage. Make sure you have a valid and working SIM card. If you're using an iPad device there is no support for MMS/SMS, only iMessage for Text messages and Email. As an alternative, if your recipients have email addresses you can try to use the Email service to reach them (you need at least one Email account configured on the device). Apart from checking the app settings and the phone Messages configuration, pay attention to the number of recipients, SMS is a very limited and restricted service, not designed with bulk messaging in mind.

Q: I´m confused and i don´t know exactly how to start, what should i do?

A: Relax, that is normal. The app was designed with simplicity in mind, so you won´t find lots of buttons or wizards like in some other apps, and that might be confusing at first glance. Instead, with Easy Message you basically select things and use them, writing the minimum, with very few touches. Usually on the top right side of the different sections you can find a small context menu with dynamic options. There are some useful tooltips displayed along the different sections that will help you on your first steps. At the end of this FAQ you can find a brief video explaining you the basic usage. In any case if you need further help you can always get in touch with us. Once you pass the initial stage you will be able to unlock all the potential of the app and realize that it is simply the most powerful messaging app around. 

Q: I did not found the answer to my question, how can I contact support?

A: You can use the contact section on the app (Settings screen) or you can send an email to info@pcdreams-software.com explaining your problem.

Easy Message Tutorial

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